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For your business's credit card and check processing needs.

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Located in Raleigh but serving all of central North Carolina, ICFM is your local source to help you with your merchant service needs. Whether you process credit/debitcards, checks or both, if you are looking to setup a new account or looking for a better price or service, we would like to meet and show you how ICFM Payment Systems can help your business.

Merchant services includes credit/debit card and check processing, clearing house services (ACH), gift and loyalty cards, ATMs, eCommerce & mCommerce and virtual terminals. If your business receives funds in any form, ICFM Payment Systems has a merchant service to help grow your margins and business. The number of industry types served in the Raleigh is endless. Whether your transactions are B2B or B2C, retail, wholesale, services, professional, centrally located or on the road, a merchant service option is available to help you run your business better. If you are having difficulty finding what you are looking for, please inquire, the product line is constantly growing and we are always looking for better ways to serve you.

Credit Card Services

Credit card processing Merchant services

Credit Card Processing Services with ICFM do not require a long term contract. You will also find no hidden fees, no PCI fees and a low cost of operation. We offer a variety of contracts to choose from but the interchange plus is our preferred and by far the best choice for most businesses. Before you sign that new contract, let us rate that rate and fee. Not all rates are created equal. We would like to share our insite even if you don't sign with us. If you would like more understanding of the fees and rates associated with credit and debit card, view my page entitled All about Credit Card Processing.

Check Processing

Check processing, Conversion and Verification, Merchant services

Check processing or POS Check Conversion and authentication

provides the tools for businesses to accept and process checks electronically at the point-of-sale, just like a credit or debit card. Using a check reader or imager connected, businesses can process and deposit checks without making a trip to the bank. By offering more payment options, your business can increase sales and customer satisfaction while at the same time, reducing risk.

Recurring payments

ACH and Clearing house Merchant services

ACH or Clearing House Services is ideal for a business needing to draw payments from customers on a scheduled basis such as member fees or payment plans. More cost effective and time efficient than processing mailed checks or processing credit cards period after period. Cost saving also related to returned checks and bank fees. This service with its large benefits is often not utilized enough. Businesses that would use this service are clubs and gyms with rolling fees or landlords and orthodontists who have payment plans. The choice is up to you.

No matter how you found us, searching Google, Bing or Yahoo, ICFM Payment Systems can solve your merchant service problems. Whether stressing with your current processor or looking to offer your customers more choices, we can help you control your cost and risk associated with merchant services. Please contact us before committing to another processor.